People Are Calling For This Oregon Politician To Step Down. How This Photo Played A Role.

Go, Tiger! In a very weeeeeird turn of events, Oregon Representative David Wu, seen here, well, dressed as a tiger for some reason, is under pressure to step down from office. (He’s a Democrat and it’s Republicans that want him to step down. Naturally, no one ever asks for someone in their own party to step down. If he were a Republican then the Dems would want him out. Politics exhaust me.)

The Oregon congressman says that he accepted prescription drugs from a campaign contributor last October (hmm, okay… so Halloween time) and that was around the same time some of his staffers began to think he wasn’t running on all four cylinders. It was around that same time that this photo made the rounds … (I for one couldn’t care less about the picture. Aside from the fact that it isn’t figure flattering.)

Wu says the photos were taken while having fun with his kids. It’s not like he’s doing body shots in Fort Lauderdale or anything. I’m not sure what kind of prescription drugs he accepted, but an occasional ambien wouldn’t be a dealbreaker for me. Wu has apologized for the photo being circulated and now we can all calm down unless he starts walking naked down the streets or something.

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