Art Imitates Life For Fran Drescher

What happens when you’re a woman who is suddenly single after your longtime husband realizes he’s gay? Ask Fran Drescher… it happened to her. What will her answer be? You pitch it as a TV show!

According to Entertainment Weekly, the actress’ pilot Happily Divorced could be the next hit on TV Land. (TV Land is quickly becoming the go-to spot for the revival of the sitcom - after Betty White helped make Hot And Cleveland its breakout hit.)

Drescher was married to ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson for 21 years before he came out to her. (They have since said publicly that their sex life was fantastic when they were a couple… go figure.) He is also her collaborative partner, having produced The Nanny, and is on board for Happily Divorced. I guess between the two of them they’ll have plenty of stories!

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  • There are plenty of Frans” in the world. She’s a famous star so naturally everyone will hear about her life and love. But what about all those unknown in the world that we dont know about? Its not Frans faught that she married a man who chose to hide what he is. People hide their lifestyle all the time and do a great job of it. So what is Fran to do? Stick her head in the sand and just hope it will go away and not be true. I dont think so. She has to continue building and rebuilding. Thats life and I know she can start fresh. I love Fan and the great job she has done. I know she will continue to do well.

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