Did Jose Canseco Use His Twin To Stand In At Celebrity Boxing Event?

Jose Canseco tried to get all ‘Parent Trap’ at a Florida boxing event. The former baseball great, who has a twin, sent his brother to fight in a celebrity boxing match. Just one tiny problem. Jose has a tattoo on his arm, which is evident in the promotional photos for the event. Twin brother Ozzie? No tat. Oops.

It’s times like this when I wish Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote or Matlock were still around. (And real, for that matter.) This whole thing is just crying out for a geriatric detective to notice the discrepancy and call it out!

Now reports are surfacing that Ozzie has also posed as his brother at baseball card shows, which can pay the celebrity thousands of dollars.

Jose has gained infamy for his admission to taking steroids during his baseball career. Now he’s taking a crack at reality TV on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice.

This twin story is so juicy (no steroid pun intended) it got the full ‘computer aninamtion news coverage’ treatment.

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