NYC Hotels Turning Away Sheen. Tiger Blood Really Hard To Get Out.

Charlie Sheen is coming back to the Big Apple for his upcoming stage show at Radio City Music Hall. Problem is… finding a hotel that will take him in is proving a challenge! (You’ll recall the last time he was here he made a real mess of the Plaza, not to mention the mess of a porn star he was with.)

The New York Post reports:

“…The Plaza has made it clear Sheen won’t be welcome back, while other high-profile properties, including the Waldorf-Astoria and the Trump Soho, have also turned him down.

A source said, “Many of the big New York hotels don’t want the drama. He is now looking at renting a private residence.”

The Post also reports that the problem may not be a concern for the furniture as it is the fabric. Sheen, being a chain smoker, is likely to stink up the room beyond recognition. Throw in the more than 30 people that follow him in his entrourage, (That’s a job that will drive me to suicide) and you’ve got a smokehouse that would make a jerky factory smell fresh.

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