VIDEO WORTH WAITING FOR: Soldier Reunited With Family During Awesome Halftime Surprise

At this weekend's Georgia-South Carolina game a family received a video tribute from their soldier father and husband. Of course, it wouldn't be complete without the man himself coming out onto the field to surprise them in person. When they realize he's there... they take off running for him. Truly a glorious moment.

COOL VIDEO: Olga Korbut 1972 Routine Still Amazing By Today’s Olympic Standards

You know how, sometimes, when they re-run old gold medal Olympics performances from 40 or 50 years ago, it seems like the athletes are just basically walking in a straight line and getting perfect scores? You won't feel that way when you watch Olga Korbut at the 1972 Munich Olympics. Her routine included a move that is now banned, that includes standing on the high bar... and a craZAY switch from low to high bar. Amazing!

VIDEO: Cool New Scene From “The Amazing Spider Man”

This cool new clip from "The Amazing Spider Man" essentially fulfills the fantasy of every high school kid who has been intimidated (or outright bullied) by the jock. Check out Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, getting the last laugh on the star basketball player in a showdown.

VIDEO: Basketball Fans TP The Entire Court In Season Opener!

In an awesome game tradition, fans at a John Brown University game totally envelop the court with toilet paper after Brown's first score against Hillsdale Freewill Baptist. In an instant, the entire court is blanketed in an oddly beautiful stream of toilet paper. Endless bathroom humor jokes are possible here. I have to wonder how long it took to clean this up!

VIDEO: Serena Williams Goes Off.

Serena Williams lost the U.S. Open this weekend in a heated match. But while sports highlights usually showcase video of the winning moment, this time, all people can talk about is the earlier code violation that led her to a rage-filled rant at the chair umpire.

VIDEO: Alec Baldwin And John Krasinksi’s Funny Feud Continues.

Alec Baldwin and John Krasinksi (of 'The Office') once again appear in cleverly funny commercials for New Era Cap Company. In the series, Baldwin and Krasinski are friends, kinda, but mostly arch rivals in their emphatic support for their respective baseball teams. This is the fifth ep of the series, called "912" - and things are about to get chaotic.

VIDEO: Ultimate Batting Practice.

This video shows such batting practice skills that it begs the question... is it real? It sure looks to be... as the batter seems to juggle the balls that bounce from pitchback to pitchback - ultimately going right back across the plate.

VIDEO: Inspiring Kid Catches Foul Ball, Gives It To Sad Kid. Karma Kicks In!

Amidst a group of kids fighting to catch a foul ball at an Arizona Diamondbacks game, Ian McMillan managed to catch the ball! Trouble was, another kid was devastated, burying his face in his mom's arms. As live cameras rolled, Ian gave the ball to the crying kid. THEN watch as karma instantly rewards this kid with amazing things!