Today’s “Holy Crap” Moment: Woman Catches, (Then Releases) GIANT Goldfish.

I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t watch the video. (And I’m still slightly skeptical.) Kansas City, Missouri woman Olivia Riley was fishing when she caught something BIG. As she reeled it in, she thought the hook may have gotten caught on a traffic cone. Turns out it was an ENORMOUS goldfish. Yes, a goldfish. And there’s video.

Riley told the local news station: “It was a beautiful fish, something to see up close… I’ve got skills and everything, but that day, it was a pure accident. A pure accident.”

Riley gently removed the fish from the hook, made sure it was okay, and put it back in the lake, where it swam off…. but not before raving on this home video:

Meanwhile… why is the fish hanging horizontally? That’s odd…

She also theorized to the reporter about just how it might have gotten in the lake:

“There’s a lot of theories. One that he went down the old toilet bowl and ended up in the right place…And the one of someone not able to take care of a baby goldfish and threw him in, and he survived… I don’t know, it’s beautiful!”



Ho. Lee. Crap.

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