“Lean Pockets” Theft From Office Fridge Results In Angry (And Hilarious) Office Battle

An unsuspecting employee hoping to enjoy a healthy(ish) snack at work put their lean pockets in the office fridge. But they were smart… they put their name on them, (presumably in case someone confused these lean pockets for their lean pockets.) Then the unthinkable happened. Someone went and ate one of them.

Then it got ugly.

Below is the angry note by the victim of the lean pockets theft. Not content to chalk it up to an act of poor taste, (literally and figuratively), they demanded three dollars be slipped underneath their door as compensation. It was three dollars that would never come.

Instead, the culprit (or an amused observer) decided to taunt the victim with a deliciously sinister response letter. At top, the victim’s outcry, and below, the note that was left in response.

As wrong as it is to swipe someone’s food, I’m kind of enjoying the culprit here.

From Thedailywh.at.

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  • This exact same note was put on our fridge at work on Wednesday the 16th.
    They must have copied this one….weird…

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