Penguins On A Plane! This Never Happens On My Flights.

Somehow, this happened. According to SayOMG via ( on March 12th some penguins were headed from San Francisco to San Diego, as part of their commute to a national science convention. Like any budget conscious penguin (or rather, penguin handler) they flew Southwest. For once, airline people weren’t loco about keeping them in their pens and let them roam the plane for a few minutes. The result is this cute video, and the hope that someday something cool like this will happen when I’m on a plane. (Since every flight I have been on lately has felt more like a bus trip.)

Whoever put this video together thought to put a quote onscreen towards the end, but someone named Joe Moore. It reads: “It’s practically impossible to look at a penguin and feel angry.” I don’t know who Joe Moore is, but he’s right!

Incidentally, this is the only living creature that was comfortable with the amount of legroom on the flight.

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