POP Promo: POP Goes The Week To Appear in VH1’s “40 Most Shocking Breakups”

POP Goes The Week is psyched to be part of their upcoming special “40 Most Shocking Breakups” – this Sunday at 9pm Eastern! Brian Balthazar will be giving background and information on some of the most provocative celebrity breakups making headlines.

From Tiger and Elin to Sandra and Jesse, no Hollywood relationship is safe these days. Even the most stable relationships are just a text message from going down in a blaze of the goriest glory. Not even yours! Vh1’s 40 Most Shocking Breakups rounds up the biggest breakup stories from the recent past. Whether it’s Tony Parker and Eva Longoria, David Arquette and Courtney Cox or Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson, these doomed couplings are going to get the full VH1 treatment.

 40 Most Shocking Breakups is a new two hour special exploring how famous couples who seem to have everything; money, looks and glamorous careers, and someone to share it all with, are left with nothing but their looks… if they’re lucky. The countdown will examine how and why these monuments to matrimony let down each other, themselves and, most importantly, their fans.

 Vh1’s 40 Most Shocking Breakups includes new interviews with comedians, gossip reporters and relationship experts for a fun, funny and investigative look at the scandalous splits that rocked pop culture to its most superficial core.

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