Random Love Song Becomes Internet Sensation.

Picture it – chatroulette - the site where random people with webcams are connected with no real rhyme or reason as a means of meeting new people. On one night, a Denmark man who goes by the online name “DoneRightJr” has a plan… find just the right person, ask them their name, and insert them into a romantic love song. A person he’s never met. He’s enlisted some of his equally clever friends to help make the magic happen. He comes across a woman named Diana. She watches as the stranger unveils the most random, romantic interlude you could ask for. The result is a reminder that there are some really creative, thoughtful, randomly sweet people in the world…

Oh yeah, and it’s gotten nearly 1.5 million views to date…

For those of you unfamiliar with chatroulette, remember that they’ve never seen each other before, it’s a completely random connection. Watch the woman’s reactions as you follow the action on the left side!

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