Stay Classy! SkyMall Catalog Offers Diamond And Sapphire Ring (Like Kate Middleton’s!) For $3,999.

I get it. Kate Middleton’s ring is gorgeous.  And if you had four thousand bucks to spend who WOULDN’T immediately turn to the SkyMall catalog to bring your dream to fruition! Or…. not.

Let’s be clear – I love the SkyMall catalog. I’ve testified to that before. There’s nowhere else I would look to find the cure for male pattern baldness, or the best in motivational posters. But seriously – buying a four thousand dollar ring from the Skymall catalog? Note that the ring is actually sold by the vendor ‘,’ which really brings the classiness up notch.

And while I know we’re a culture that seems to respond to pricing tactics that round things down a penny to make them sound cheaper… but you can flash the $3,999 number around all you want… it’s still a four thousand dollar ring from the SkyMall catalog! (They don’t even waive the shipping !)

That said, it looks pretty close to the real deal. And I’m sure none of your friends would question you when you told them exactly how and where you got it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to switch over to the in-flight magazine to finish what’s left of the Sudoku.

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