Heidi Montag Claims To Work Out 14 Hours A Day. Oh Yeah… And Unicorns Exist!

Plastic Surgery maven Heidi Montag continues to send messages of inspiration to girls everywhere. This time, it’s how she lost a lot of weight in time to wear a bikini for a party at Las Vegas’ Wet Republic.

Keep the uplifting life messages coming!!

She tells Us Weekly:

“I’ve been working out from, like, 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. for two months now. I’ve been working out really hard because I had this pool party and I was like, I have to be in shape … And I was actually a lot overweight. It was the most I’ve ever been because I’ve kind of been in hiding eating pie with my husband and puppies, so I needed to get back in shape.”

Great! Aside from being rather unlikely, even if it were, it would be a recipe for injury and self abuse! I’m guessing her 14 hour workout routine is on the same truth-meter as the existence of unicorns.

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