Lindsay Lohan Shot An Appallingly Low Budget Commercial While Under House Arrest.

I mean REALLY low budget... As in, no lighting, and no microphone. Just plopped a camera in front other and put all the settings on 'auto.' Check out the video.

I mean REALLY low budget… As in, no lighting, and no microphone. They just plopped a camera in front of her and put all the settings on ‘auto.’ Sure, it’s great to get paid this kind of coin for 15 seconds of work, but this is embarassing.

Beezid, the online auction site, reportedly offered Lindsay $25,000, but then threw in 10,000 credit on the site when she first snubbed the office. (A store credit? Rrrreally?) Maybe they could have thrown in a lightbulb and a microphone that wasn’t just the one on top of the camera. Yeesh.

Mind you, it’s essentially a bargain for beezid, because now they’re getting press, even if it’s for just how bad the commercial is.

I particularly enjoy how she refers to ‘during some of my time at home’ – as in – ‘during some of my time under house arrest’ – she’s been able to do some great shopping! I also am perplexed by people who frame enlarged photos of themselves in their living room. (Check out behind her couch.)

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