POP Question: Who Sings That “Somebody Left The Gate Open” Song?

Every once in a while a song from a commercial gets into your head even more than the brand promoting it. Here's the info on a song you've been hearing a lot lately.

Every once in a while a song from a commercial gets into your head even more than the brand promoting it. Here’s the info on a song you’ve been hearing a lot lately.

No doubt you’ve seen the Citibank commercial where that crazy ass mountain climbing lady goes to the top of a very narrow summit (better her than me) and you hear the voice of the singer wailing “Somebody left theg ate ooooooopen…” Mind you, I walk away with no idea what Citibank wants me to do, but I DO find the tune imprinted upon me like an earworm. That line has been bellowed around my house more than once.

The commercial is getting thousands and thousands of hits on youtube, and I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it’s NOT because people want to know more about the bank. So who the heck is this lady? Here’s the answer:

The song is “Into the Wild” by LP.  (also known as Laura Pergolizzi.) Not only does she sing a powerful tune, as you’ll see from her live performance of the song, she also whistles quite expressively.

L.P. has been songwriting for years, for the likes of Rihanna, The Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguilera, and a whopping SEVEN songs for Heidi Montag. (We won’t hold it against her – it was probably good money. If Heidi Montag paid me to do stuff for her and it was lucrative, I would take that gig right to the bank. She’s also written a song for YouTube phenom Greyson Chance. Now, it’s time for HER time in the spotlight. She’s got an album coming out later this year.

Below, the commercial, and a performance from the artist.

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