VIDEO: Proof That Getting Around NYC Is A DeathTrap.

It’s funny how something you already knew can still be shocking when you see the proof.

This video, shot from above a NYC intersection, shows that the most dangerous way to get around NYC is walking, er… biking… or is it driving?

Turns out, all of the above, as a result of careless behavior, deliberate disobedience, or general stupidity. In just minutes, see how more than thirty potentially dangerous collisions between pedestrians, cars, and bikes happen – sometimes just seconds apart from one another.

Artist and student of the human condition Ron Gabriel produced the piece for his thesis. Each symbol represents a car, bike or person, and they flash red when they have a near collision.

It should come as no surprise that often, one or more of the parties involved are completely ignoring the rules of traffic and right-of-way. I have always believed that getting around New York City is like travelling through a wildlife safari. This confirms it.

Check out his info here.

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