Every once in a while you come across TV commercials that are funnier than the show you’re watching. Thanks to Maria Bamford, Target stores have a hit on their hands, featuring the hysterical comedienne for the third year in a row. Check out several of the hysterical ads below.

In the age of DVR and Tivo, advertisers are more and more challenged to keep people from skipping right past the ads that networks desperately need you to watch to get paid. Bamford’s comedic style is on par with many of your favorite SNL alums… as evidenced in this year’s new ads, which just debuted this past week.

Bamford is no stranger to the comedy scene, performing on the standup stage for years, (including a few Comedy Central specials) as well as lending her unique ability to create funny voices to cartoons and commercials. She has even mentioned Target in her stand-up before, as a place where she’s met high school friends who told her she was never funny she was just weird.

PS – Target isn’t a sponsor of this site – the spots just consistently crack me up – I couldn’t resist putting a bunch of them here.

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