HYSTERICAL VIDEO: Hidden Cameras Capture Gym-Goer’s Reactions As Babies Receive “Personal Training.”

The controversial commercial uses hidden cammeras to capture the priceless reactions from gym-goers when a personal trainer shows up to coach little babies of lifting weights and running the treadmill. The patrons are definitely confused and NOT amused. Whew... it's all a ruse for a Belgian ad for a breakfast cereal!

VIDEO: Human Slingshot Looks Really Fun, Kinda Dangerous.

Clothing company Vooray teamed up with some crazy daredevil watery types to create this human slingshot. Insanely Fun? Looks like it! Dangerous? Probably. After watching you're likely to say to yourself one of two things: 1) I wish I were doing that. 2) I wish I were young again.

VIDEO: Alec Baldwin And John Krasinksi’s Funny Feud Continues.

Alec Baldwin and John Krasinksi (of 'The Office') once again appear in cleverly funny commercials for New Era Cap Company. In the series, Baldwin and Krasinski are friends, kinda, but mostly arch rivals in their emphatic support for their respective baseball teams. This is the fifth ep of the series, called "912" - and things are about to get chaotic.

Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington Cosmetic Ads Banned In Britain for Exaggerated Retouching

Let me begin by saying I'm ALL for retouching. I have been the fortunate recipient of some generous under-eye work in photos over the past few years. But when the fresh face comes alongside an ad for rejuvenating creams and wrinkle minimizing lotions, however, the waters get a little murky. That's why a Julia Roberts ad has been banned in the UK.

POP Goes Wild: If Cats Had Thumbs

This is a riot! In this commercial for Cravendale milk, we live in a world where cats have thumbs.,The results are hilarious!