NFL Super Bowl Ad Took Much More Work Than You Thought…

Do you remember the Super Bowl Ad where all the TV sitcom characters were prepping for their super bowl parties? Fun, right?

Well, it took a LOT of computer rendering to make all that happen. First of all, I’m embarassed to admit that I apparently wasn’t paying attention to the whole thing, because I barely noticed that the characters were uncharacteristically dressed in Football-wear. I really just figured they had pulled from real storylines where the stories had a football game element… NOT SO!  In fact, graphic artists painstakingly replaced shirts, added hats, football themed snacks, you name it! (180 changes in all, according to one source.) Check out this side by side video of the original clips, and the amazingly rendered final product… it really is amazing.

Suffice it to say, it all makes sense now that I think about it. The NFL is notoriously protective of their trademarks, and won’t let you just wear a shirt or even say the Super Bowl without sending you an invoice. But I digress… cool commercial, huh?

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