Justin Timberlake’s Marine Corps Ball Date Gives Details on Their Night!

This weekend, Justin Timberlake attended the Marine Corps Ball with Corporal Kelsey De Santis.  It all started with a YouTube video, and yesterday, we reported how Timberlake blogged about the event, calling it “one of the most moving evenings I’ve ever had.”

Now, Timberlake’s suitor, Corporal Kelsey De Santis, had a chance to share her thoughts about the date.

In an interview with Ann Curry on Today, De Santis says that the experience was amazing not just for the singer, but for her as well, saying that “it was wonderful. It was a really good experience,” and when she first saw Timberlake arrive in a tuxedo “he had a big smile on his face and so did I.”

De Santis says that while the entire evening was beautiful, it was seeing how Timberlake was really moved that got to her:

“The sweetest moment was definitely right after the ceremony ended and being able to see his face…You could see he genuinely cared about what he saw.”

And what about the singer’s famous dance moves?  De Santis joked that Justin did exactly what he promised to do: bring sexy back:

“We were on the dance floor, having a good time at the table, joking and laughing…So, it was, altogether, really great.”

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