Gross Factor: NBC Pulls Fear Factor Episode Featuring Donkey Semen Cocktail

It's one thing to face your fear of heights. It's quite another to have to look at a glass of donkey semen and be asked to drink it. But that's exactly what NBC's Fear Factor had asked contestants to do in a recent episode... an episode which has been pulled from the schedule.

It’s one thing to face your fear of heights. It’s quite another to have to look at a glass of donkey semen and be asked to drink it. But that’s exactly what NBC’s Fear Factor had asked contestants to do in a recent episode… an episode which has been pulled from the schedule.

TMZ reports that the episode, originally slated to air January 30th, featured contestants being asked to drink a glass of donkey semen and a glass of donkey urine. Then, execs got second thoughts and pulled it from the air, in favor of a repeat.

“Fear Factor” host Joe Rogan had casually hinted at the stunt months ago in an interview with The Huffington Post back when the show had been brought back to TV with even more extreme challenges:

Said Rogan: “The biggest example, I can’t tell you unfortunately because they haven’t even decided whether or not they’re gonna air it. It’s really that crazy. I got there and they told me what we were gonna do, and I just started laughing like, ‘There’s no way. That’s not really gonna happen. Wait, is that really gonna happen?’ [Laughs] I wish I could tell you. NBC’s still looking at the footage going, ‘Uhhhh, can we do that?’ There’s gonna be a lot of people that are going to be upset — it really is ridiculous.”

Rogan is right. On the surface, a show that has contestants facing frightening situations would seem like a good one. But “Fear Factor,” in it’s first run, quickly became more of a ‘Grossout Factor,” favoring shock value and ick-factor over actual fear. (Oddly, it also favored contestants who looked like they were chosen more for their ‘assets’ in a swimsuit than for being compelling.) Fright doesn’t need to induce vomiting.

If I’m going to watch someone do something  while wearing something skimpy, I’d prefer it not be drinking urine.

And really, aren’t there better ways to win a $50,000 grand prize? I’m sure whatever unknown bonus ingredients that are in that donkey cocktail could result in more therapy/medical care than 25K after taxes can offer.

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