Sinéad O’Connor is taking a break. After a tumultous phase that included a quick marriage, even quicker split, aa quick reconcilation and quick split again, (not to mention lots of twitter pleas for help) she’s is canceling her concert tour and admitting to suffering from bipolar disorder.

She wrote on her website:

With enormous regret I must announce that I have to cancel all touring for the year as am very unwell due to bi polar disorder.
As you all know I had a very serious breakdown between December and  March  and I had been advised by my doctor not to go on tour but didn’t  want to ‘fail’ or let anyone down as the tour was already booked to  coincide with album release. So very stupidly I ignored his advice to my  great detriment, attempting to be stronger than I actually am.I apologise sincerely for any difficulties this may cause.

Back in January, O’Connor sent out a cry for help on Twitter that some reports claim actually was a leading cause in the collapse of her marraige. In tweet form, she described herself as “ill and in danger,” begging the public for help in finding a psychiatrist who could treat her suicidal tendancies. Just days later, she and her new husband split for the second time.

We wish her all the best in her recovery.