HEARTWARMING VIDEO: A Grown Boy Gets A Better Understanding Of His Dad After His Passing (And A Few More Stories I Love)

StoryCorps videos always tug at my heart! This one tells the story of a hardworking father who demanded a lot of his 11 kids. His son talks about how he got a greater understanding of his dad as he got older. It's touching.

StoryCorps videos always tug at my heart. This one, A Family Man, tells the story of an incredibly hardworking father who demanded a lot of his 11 kids. This story, told by his son, shows how he got a greater understanding of his dad’s point of view as he got older. It’s touching.


If you’re unfamiliar with the program, StoryCorps collects and archives interviews with real people all over the country, telling their own personal stories of love, life, struggles and achievements – often with a beautiful lesson along way. They are then catalogued in the Library Of Congress. Some of them get a beautiful animated video to accompany them so that people can better appreciate the story. They often make you want to cry, but ultimately are a lesson in the valuable personal journeys found across all of our lives.

For more on StoryCorps, click HERE.

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Wait! There’s more! This one makes my heart sing and breaks it at the same time! If you watch any more of these, make it this one. I cried watching it again.

This one is adorable. A 12-year-old boy with Asperger’s syndrome interviews his mother. The child is a genius but has trouble with social skills… the way his mother opens up to her son really speaks to their relationship… it’s beautiful.

And this one is funny and sweet…this old woman is a pistol!

And this is a cute love story born through a mis-sent work email!


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