The Mixed Up Life Of Lindsay Lohan: With A Potential $100K Jewelry Theft Accusation, The Star Faces More Trouble

Given the fact that Lindsay Lohan is still on probation, it's important that the star be on her best behavior. Now that she's a possible suspect in a $100K jewelry heist, the actress faces a tough road ahead.

Given the fact that Lindsay Lohan is still on probation, it’s important that the star be on her best behavior. Now that she’s a possible suspect in a $100K jewelry heist, the actress faces a tough road ahead. Both in keeping the courts happy, and in the court of public opinion.

TMZ reports (citing anonymous law enforcement sources) that the 26-year-old was named as a suspect in a jewelry theft at a Hollywood Hills party.  But the LA Police Department is denying that there is a prime suspect in the incident.

We can discuss why someone would throw a party and leave $100K out for the taking later.

The party took place last week at the mansion of millionaire Sam Magid. Lohan was there with her assistant, and the two ended up spending the night there.  The next morning, watches and designer sunglasses were apparently gone.

Magid has apparently flip flopped on his story, however… he reportedly accused Lohan and her assistant as the thieves, but then said that nothing was missing. Was the case dead? Not so much. Police had apparently already begun investigating, and some witness testimony apparently warranted keeping the investigation open.

You probably recall that Lohan enjoys her bling… she pleaded no contest to stealing a $2,500 diamond necklace from a Los Angeles boutique last year. She was sentenced to 120 days in jail and informal probation until May 2014.

Meanwhile, police in Santa Monica are still itching to learn what exactly happened in June when Lohan was involved in a car accident – smashing into a truck on a California highway. There have been reports that Lohan lied about her involvement in the incident – attempting to get one of her assistants to take responsibility for driving the car… even some reports that her team offered the other driver financial compensation for keeping the accident quiet. (He didn’t.)

If Lohan lied to cops about the accident it’s an obvious violation of Lohan’s probation.

The trouble with all these accusations – and for the time being, that’s solely what they are – accusations – is that whether or not she is charged and convicted with anything, the continuing barrage of bad publicity only hurts her reputation further. With only a limited of actual acting projects on the docket ahead, the verdict is still out on whether Lindsay Lohan can maintain some semblance of a success acting career… or simply become a sad cautionary tale about how a thriving career at an early age can take a devastating turn.

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