Spencer And Heidi Pratt Say Their “Hills” Arguments Were *Cough* All Fake And For Television

Oh, look….it’s Spencer and Heidi Pratt trying to cling to their 15 minutes…

Oh, look….it’s Spencer and Heidi Pratt trying to cling to their 15 minutes…

This time, however, the “Hills” couple that everyone loved to hate aren’t doing anything stupid…they’re just admitting that everything stupid they ever did wasn’t actually real!

In a new interview with Us Weekly, the now 29-year-old Spencer ‘admits’ that everything he did was all for a role that he was playing:

“I was hell-bent on being the bad-guy character on the show…I got caught up in it.”

His wife, 26-year-old Heidi, who just officially changed her last name to Pratt, confirmed Spencer’s revelations, saying, “Spencer and I never fight like that. Never.”

Overall, the two say that they’re completely content with their simple lifestyle away from cameras.  Spencer is currently getting his political science degree at the University of Southern California, and being around ‘normal people’ is just a huge benefit:

“I’m turning down paid appearances. We don’t have celebrity-sized money anymore, but we’re fine…I’m happy to be around normal people these days!”

Yeah, keep going with that train of thought, Spence…maybe someday it’ll be true for you…

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