In a beautifully animated new art video collaboration between Barney’s New York and Disney, Minnie Mouse dreams of a high fashion adventure. But the cartoon is likely to raise eyebrows for its montage of the Disney characters showing off extremely skinny ‘model’ looks.


The  short, which is part of Disney’s Electric Holiday, is a nod to the fashion world, featuring ‘cameos’ from the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Lady Gaga and Naomi Campbell. It’s screening for a six-week period in the Madison Avenue windows, as well as in Barneys flagship stores across the country. 

In the mini-movie, Minnie Mouse fantasizes that she and her Disney pals are high fashion models – and when they enter the runway, they are transformed into just that – with stick thin figures to match.

There’s no doubt it’s beautifully drawn and animated – but anytime models come up in something that will appeal to kids – there is bound to be some controversy. Does this send the wrong message, or is it just artistic expression? Check out the video, then vote in our online poll below!

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