Adorable Penguin Couple Take Private Tour Of Chicago Aquarium Amid Closure

I hope Disney and Pixar are paying attention because a penguin couple who spend their date night wandering around a closed aquarium sounds like a hit animated movie plot in the making.

The Shedd Aquarium over in Chicago closed earlier this week due to the COVID-19 outbreak. While that news is devastating for all aquatic enthusiasts, there are a few tuxedoed guests that are taking full advantage of the private time. Edward and Annie are a pair of bonded Rockhopper penguins on the cusp on nesting season who are using the empty aquarium as their romantic stomping grounds. The pair of penguins are traveling from exhibit to exhibit checking out some of the marine life they have never even seen before. The adventures of Edward and Annie are being documented by the aquariums Twitter account who also shared that the couple will begin building their nest next week. If I talk any more about nesting I will feel obligated to play Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” so I think I will just end it here.

Enjoy some adorable footage of Edward and Annie’s exciting adventure!




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