Broadway Stars Are Fundraising With A Hand Washing Challenge

Turns out jazz hands are the second most impressive thing broadway performers can do with their digits.

Last week it was announced that all Broadway shows will be closed until at least April 12 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While it certainly is unsettling to see New York City’s symbol of resilience go dark, the broadway community has banned together to raise hope once again. Many of Broadway’s finest have taken part in the viral #BWayHandWashChallenge, a challenge aimed at raising funds for members of the Broadway community who will need financial assistance while not working.

The #BWayHandWashChallenge, initiated by Theater Mania, calls for Broadway stars to choose a theater charity and then sing a show tune for twenty seconds while washing their hands. Twenty seconds is the recommended amount of time to wash your hands according to the CDC. No word yet on how much time they think is appropriate for belting Broadway show tunes but according to my roommates, hearing me sing “Don’t Rain On My Parade” four times during one shower is more than enough. Many of the performers taking part in the challenge are asking fans to support the Actors Fund, which is an organization that provides performers with emergency financial assistance, health care, affordable housing and more. Since its formation in 1882, the organization has proven to be essential for performers who are living through dire situations like they are now.

Take a look at some of the big Broadway stars taking part of this amazing challenge!

Stephanie J. Block


James M. Iglehart


Bonnie Milligan

Telly Leung

Lesli Margherita

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