‘Six Feet Apart’ Is A Heartbreakingly Relatable Coronavirus Song

You can fit a whole lot of emotions in the social distance between us.

Quarantine has a way of jumbling up emotions leaving you unsure of exactly how you are feeling at times. Well, singer-songwriter Alec Benjamin took that jigsaw puzzle of feelings and laid them out into a beautiful, albeit heartbreaking, new song entitled “Six Feet Apart.” In the song, the Phoenix-based singer recounts the challenges of being apart from family, friends and loved ones and the emotional toll the distance is taking on all of us. He begins the song on the verge of a breakdown singing “they say distance is relative and relative to relatives I have I’d say I’m relatively close to breaking down because right now I feel so alone.” The chorus, however, gives a particularly hard tug on the old heart strings.

“Oh I miss you most at six feet apart when you’re right outside my window but can’t ride inside my car and it hurts to know just how lovely you are and be too far away to hold but close enough to break my heart. I miss your smile. Feels like miles. Six feet apart.”

Benjamin posted the song to YouTube and it has already racked up over 800,000 views with many of the comments praising how relatable the song is. One user commented “This hits different when you’re in quarantine listening to this understanding every word and feeling it.” Another simply said “This is what quarantine feels like.”

Sometimes sinking into your feels for a few isn’t such a bad thing. We have to remember that every colorful emotion is important during this time and deserves acknowledgement. If listening to this song once doesn’t fill your emotional quota for the day take a listen to another one of Benjamin’s songs, “I Built A Friend.” Oooooh that will make you feel some things I promise!

Check out the quarantine-themed song below and remember even thought it’s hard, stay home!

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