WATCH: Chinese News Reporter Goes Viral When She Interrupts Her Wedding To Report On Earthquake

Chen Ying is a viral sensation and a beautiful bride. We know this because she stopped everything in the middle of her wedding day to report on the earthquake that rattled China just days ago. She rushed to a camera location so quickly that she didn't take the time to change out of her wedding dress.

NEWS BLUNDER VIDEO: Sand Storm Captured By Reporter Is Actually A Production Guy Kicking Sand Into The Shot.

When a weather reporter missed getting video of an actual sandstorm in the Ukraine, they secretly put a production assistant just out of the shot to kick up the sand to make it look like it was happening again. Trouble is, for a moment, you can see the guy in the shot kicking his leg into the air to get the sand a flyin'. Oops.

Drunk Girl Offers Sage Advice During Hurricane Irene

This reporter at WJZ in Baltimore should have suspected that this interview might go south... after all, the woman walking by basically walked into the shot, and when he asked her "Tell me what you're doin'" - her response was "I'm gettin' drunk!" He continued the interview nonetheless, where she offered some sage advice for those facing the storm. (note implied sarcasm.)

Least. Professional. Brushfire Liveshot. Ever.

Watch as she 'reports' with all the exuberance of a teenager, then erupts in giggles when a fire helicopter douses her with gallons of water to put out the fire. Eventually she realizes that this isn't supposed to be such funny stuff, but its done. That said, you'll probably laugh.