Britney Spears Rakes In $500,000 For “Hold It Against Me” Product Placements.

Britney Spears just released her new music video for “Hold It Against Me.” It was clearly an expensive project: an elaborate set, plasma screen tvs featuring her old videos, a fight scene between Britney and herself, and more. But much of that cost was likely offset by the most surprising co-stars… heaps of product placements, seemingly without regard to their relevance to the song. But no matter… she raked in a reported 500 thousand dollars (Said with a sinister smile) for the plugs.

Check out some of the  proud supporters of “Hold It Against Me”:

Makeup Forever, a line available from Sephora (touted as being very HD friendly), Britney’s own perfume, the online dating site “Plenty of Fish” for some reason, and Sony. (Cleary they provided all the flatscreen tvs that are used throughout.

Other interesting elements of the video are not so subtle references to battles with herself. She is seen in a full-on physical fight with her twin, and often flashes of her old videos are seen playing in this futuristic realm that pays homage to (or mourns, you can’t really tell) Britney’s past.

Here’s a scene from “Hit Me Baby One More Time”

And below, a scene from the mortal combat between Britneys…

The video was directed by Jonas Akerlund, who  also directed Gaga’s  epic “Telephone” video; that video also featured Plenty of Fish and other brands.

The video was shot last less than a month ago, in late January.

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