POP Goes Wild: San Mateo Cat Keeps Stealing Stuff From The Neighborhood, Doesn’t Care What You Think.

I’ve always contended that cats are barely even discreet about the fact that they simply do not give a crap what you think of them. While some are quite affectionate, most of them look at you as if to say “I don’t need you, you’re lucky to have the privelege of feeding me and cleaning up my litterbox.” But this cat in San Mateo California named Dusty is hysterically acting out his reckless disregard for an entire neighborhood – by going out at night, stealing their stuff, and bringing it back to his house. Everyone in the neighborhood knows that when a hat, or even a pair of shoes goes missing, they just go to this cat’s house, and there the items are. (He apparently has a real thing for wet swimsuits. Perv.)

PS –  I love this cat.

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