‘Computer Geek’ Gets Brilliant Revenge On Guy Who Stole His Laptop

It’s an amazing story of revenge against a petty thief, complete with some great video! And a lesson – if you’re gonna steal someone’s laptop… don’t steal it from a computer whiz!

Take Mark Bao, for example an 18 year old computer genius and entrepeneur …  About two months ago his laptop was stolen – but thanks to technology like ‘Cloud’ and ‘BlackBlaze’ he quickly realized he could access the laptop’s browser history remotely.  It turns out the thief had used the computer to upload photos of himself on Photobooth. He easily found the culprit’s name via his facebook page, which he used the stolen laptop to log on to.

Oh, but it gets so much better…

The thief also used the laptop to make a video of himself dancing to Travis Porter’s “Make It Rain.” Complete with a ‘I’m a bad-ass as long as no one ever sees this’ attitude.

Bao found the video, and posted it on YouTube, with the title “Don’t steal computers belonging to people who know how to use computers.” Oh yes, we have the video: (The song contains some explicit lyrics, but remember, this is the guy that stole the laptop so it’s worth seeing him dancing, knowing how mortified he is that everyone can see it now.)

Bao has since gotten his laptop returned to him, and some reports have said that the culprit has begged him to take the video down.

Bao hasn’t. Rock on, Bao! The Geeks shall inherit the earth!

Evidence that sometimes a cleverly conceived punishment beats jail any day.

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