Courteney Cox And Josh Hopkins: Something About Two Hot People Vacationing Together Feels Less Platonic.

There’s a lot of people out there speculating that Courteney Cox is dating (or more) with her Cougar Town co-star Josh Hopkins.

The couple, who have more abs that any couple should within a small area, (unless you’re inviting me along) have been frolicking, as good looking people often do, in  St. Barts. And my theory is that because they’re both ridiculous in their ability to look toned and attractive, we have to assume (or hope, even) that they are, well, doing more than enjoying some all inclusive buffet and applying sunscreen to each other in a completely non-sexual way.

All that said, they are vehemently denying any connection other than a friendship. (At least that’s according to her rep.)

And even got a quote from Hopkins’ dad, who has apparently been read-in on the situation from his son…

In an exclusive interview Josh’s dad, Larry Hopkins told “I know [Josh] likes her and is very fond of her. He’s said she’s a very nice person.

“If he approves of her, then I approve of her.”

Well that doesn’t do much to dispel the rumors. In any case, if the tabs are going to be photographing celebs on the beach, they certainly picked a good pair to zoom in on!

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