Silly Adam Lambert… will you ever hold your liquor? The former American Idol runner-up got into a heated argument with his boyfriend which landed him in a Finnish jail cell. Oops.

The Hollywood Reporter
 says the arrests were made at 4 a.m. Thursday outside of DTM (Don’t Tell Momma), a well-known gay club. During the dustup outside the club, Lambert accidentally hit Sofia Ruusila, an ex-Miss Helsinki, who was trying to break it up.TMZ reports that a fight between he and boyfriend Sauli Koskinen started inside of a bar in Helsinki and ended up on the street. Lambert allegedly got physical with the locals who tried to split it up. Police showed up and took both Lambert and BF into custody.

He later tweeted:

You may recall this is not the first time Lambert has gotten drunk and acted irrationally. In April he was THROWN OUT of Lady Gaga’s birthday party for getting sloppy drunk (read about it) and even punching a hole in the ceiling. He tweeted about that night too.

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