VIDEO: After Heckling Other Comics, Comedian Gets A Hellfire Of Boos.

A woman waiting to perform at an open mic night was talking and reportedly heckling other comics before her. When it became her time for HER to perform, the punishment was swift and severe.... and LOUD.

This is what happens when you disrupt other comics.


Comic Adam Cozens uploaded this video from an open mic night in NYC on April Fools day. He writes:

“On April 1st, 2012, a very rude, very entitled little girl decided to sit in the front row of a New York City stand up comedy open mic.

She proceeded to yell out, heckle, disrupt, make rude gestures, and just in general be a pain and a nuisance to all of the performers on stage.

As comics, we have all dealt with audience members like this. Sadly, it has become a part of the business. But you know what the worst part was?

She was also a self-proclaimed “comedian.”

And when it came her turn to take the stage, the hellfire of all the comics she disrupted earlier reigned down upon her.”

Here’s the video. (Workplace warning: Some strong language.)

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