Monkey The Dog Can Actually Play Hide And Seek And It Is The Most Adorable Thing You’ll See Today

Monkey seek, Monkey do.

Quarantining can be a real drag if you’re not isolating with the best of company. The loud eater, the gas passer, the grunts-while-doing-at-home-yoga-doer…all terrible isolation candidates. But what if you were home with a fun, little pupper? Pretty great right? Ok, now what if you were home all day with a pup who could actually play HIDE AND SEEK?! That would be the best quarantine ever!

A video of a young girl playing hide and seek with her dog, Monkey, was shared to social media and immediately sent the internet into a frenzy. At first, you might think Monkey is the “hider” which isn’t necessarily the most impressive thing a dog can do. But no, Monkey is the seeker! In the video you see the Belgian Malinois stand at the wall and cover his eyes while his little friend runs to hide. Monkey even tries to sneak a peek before being scolded from off camera! It is the cutest thing you will see today and totally makes me resent my quarantine roommate choices…

Take a look!

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