Lady Gaga

Gaga Reinterprets Santa’s Workshop For Barney’s

Lady Gaga is continuing to spread her unique perspective across platforms like never before. Barneys New York has announced that they will be collaborating with the artist this season on a project called GAGA’S WORKSHOP.

POP PARODY: Lady Gaga Clothing For Babies!

This hysterical faux-commercial from the geniuses over at The Jimmy Kimmel show imagines a world where Lady Gaga has her own clothing line for babies called "Gaga Goo Goo". (Is it that far of a stretch?) Lady Gaga herself makes a cameo. Check out the video!

Bette Midler Calls Out Lady Gaga On Twitter!

After performing onstage dressed as a mermaid and riding in a wheelchair, Lady Gaga received a gentle reminder from Bette Midler that she had done it first. After getting no response, she issued a less gentle reminder.

Google Goes Gaga

It was a meeting of two phenomenons… Google and Gaga. The Lady herself stopped by Google headquarters to offer some amazing insights into her...