Movie Studios Love Turning Their Backs On You, And Other Hollywood Movie Poster Cliches.

Proving once again that moviemakers love a cliche, check out this collection of movie posters ... notice a familiar theme? This is just one of the brilliantly assembled collages put together by a blogger who is seemingly obsessed with Hollywood's own obsession with repeating the same marketing tools over and over and over...

Your Diet Coke Will Look Different This Fall.

News flash: Diet Coke is insanely popular. (I won't even own up to just how much DC and Coke Zero I pound through in a week.) So the legions of fans who drink the soda like it's... well... water, will be surprised by the drink's new look this fall.

POP PARODY: Lady Gaga Clothing For Babies!

This hysterical faux-commercial from the geniuses over at The Jimmy Kimmel show imagines a world where Lady Gaga has her own clothing line for babies called "Gaga Goo Goo". (Is it that far of a stretch?) Lady Gaga herself makes a cameo. Check out the video!

Old Spice Hypes “Fabio vs Old Spice Guy” Campaign.

Who knew that when Old Spice launched viral videos featuring Fabio as their spokesperson (and provoking some viscerally negative feedback) that they had a trick up their sleeve. The brand was positioning itself for the backlash, and released more videos featuring their original hero, Isaiah Mustafa, setting the pair up for a duel.

VIDEO: Del Monte Merges David Hasselhoff With A Popsicle, Creates “The Hoffsicle.”

How this is supposed to make you like Del Monte I'm not quite sure. It might actually have the opposite effect. In any case. The fruit/novelty food people you loved for bananas (they're the third largest supplier of 'em) has gone bananas, making a popsicle shaped like David Hasselhoff and photographed him eating it, essentially making David Hasselhoff eat himself.