At 13, Rebecca Black Is NOT Pregnant, Apparently A Very Good Sport.

Can I just say this? Rebecca Black has won me over. I’ve long contended that her song “Friday” had its painful moments because of the lyrics more than anything else – and it’s not like SHE wrote it. After the viral explosion and subsequent harsh behavior of critics (it’s easy to be a critic when you’re an online commenter without a real name or a face) she took the high road. She’s delivered a great performance in a Funny Or Die video, and was adorable on Jay Leno. Despite the rudeness (even death threats!) of her haters (and why, really?) she has epitomized grace under pressure, which is saying a lot for a 13 year old girl who is new to the world of stardom.

Now, she’s a victim of tabloid rumors! Over the weekend, the webmosphere (yeah, that’s my word for it) started buzzing with the notion that the 13 year old was preggers. Even CNN’s iReport (user generated news usually reported by people with no journalistic background, and in some cases, actual facts) posted the story. (Meanwhile, someone has to actually approve the posts and let them live on the CNN site, which is a tiny bit embarassing.) The story is now off the site, and Black has turned to Twitter to clear the air.

Meanwhile, Black’s cover of “Friday”, which was performed by male members of the GLEE cast, has also gone viral. It’s also being covered by popular artists like Katy Perry and others and live peformances.

We have NOT seen the last of Rebecca Black!

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