Ke$ha and T-Pain? Dating? Maybe Saturday IS the End of the World…

Gotta admit…if there were ANY reason that the end of the world would be coming in two days, I think these two could be the cause…

Ke$ha and T-Pain?  Maybe so, if their Twitter feeds have any truth to them…

It all started with T-Pain, who tweeted earlier this week:

“Last night I found out I’m in love wit @keshasuxx,”

Ke$ha’s response?

“Um. F*****g love u @TPAIN. U get me. Come find me,”

And finally,  there was what some are called a “twitter Public Announcement” from T-Pain, complete with the picture below, that read:

“Ladies and gentlemen I’ve upgraded from loyal stalker. Get ready for K-Pain @tpain and @keshasuxx,”

Thoughts?  As for me, I’m convinced, so I just started planning a drinking and partying binge for the next 48 hours until the world goes boom. 

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