VIDEO: Lola Dismisses Madonna In Promo Video

Madonna and daughter Lola just posted a video to discuss their nationwide casting call for the next "Material Girl" model. And while they're clearly mocking their mom/daughter relationship, you get the real sense that Lola has the part of ignoring her mother's rants down pat.

INSPIRING VIDEO: A Designer’s Trip To South Africa Could Change The Way You Shop.

What if you could buy a handcrafted piece of art, knowing that it would actually benefit the person that made it? Many big businesses simply copy and mass produce the centuries-old craftmanship found in the art of distant cultures. But when a designer travelled to South Africa to meet the women handcrafting home accessories with barely a profit, she decided to do something.

POP SPOTLIGHT: The Story Behind How The “Anything Goes” Cast Went Viral

In just two days, the talented group of singers and dancers from the Broadway hit Anything Goes gained worldwide recognition ... for lip synching! Their video of the cast performing One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" has gained the show tens of thousands of hits. Here's how they did it - and what happened behind the scenes.

POP Profile: Fashion Icon Betsey Johnson!

We love talking about spectacular people with amazing talents - and Betsey Johnson ranks high on both lists! POP goes The Week was asked to talk about this fashion icon for - here's the video!

JC Penney’s Bad Day All Started With This T-Shirt.

Somewhere in the world of J.C. Penney, a buyer is having a really lousy day... And they should be. Their decision to offer shirts for girls that read: "I'm too pretty to do homework so my brother has to do it for me" wasn't received so well by the American public.

Four Summer Faves By Style Expert and Trend Tracker Catherine Moellering.

We here at POPgoesTheWeek aren't just interested in Lindsay Lohan's latest blood alchohol reading or looking at videos of dogs playing tetherball (although we enjoy that too). We also fancy ourselves as 'on-trend' or at least trend-aware. So as part of our "Four Summer Faves" series let's hear four of Trend Tracker Cathering Moellering's favorite summer items... from a simple scarf to the best salt for your margarita!