Tom Cruise

CRUISE CONTROL: How Five Days Following Tom Cruise Left Me Speechless And Disillusioned

In 2005, I spent five days following Tom Cruise around the world. It sounds pretty amazing on paper, right? But in reality, the experience provided little more than a realization that the man who is arguably the world's most famous actor also seems to be playing a part when he's off the set as well - as Tom Cruise, the star.

Movie Review: Rock of Ages

Mike Finkelstein just traveled back in time to 1985. It was a wonderful age, filled with crazy club nights, rock stars, and the best music you could get your hands on! Oh, and he also got a flock of seagulls haircut…that was probably not the best choice…Here is his review of “Rock of Ages”.

VIDEO: Tom Cruise Runs A Lot

Which is it - does Tom Cruise love to run in movies, or do moviemakers love to make Tom Cruise run? TIME Magazine put together a montage of Tom Cruise running that shows that one of these simply MUST be the case.